Wilderness Lodge Style Birdhouse


Wilderness Lodge Birdhouse.

Classic Styling – Bring a bit of nostalgia to your garden
Easy Install – Simply mount the birdhouse with the included cording
Bright Colors, Cozy mood – Indoors or outdoors this birdhouse is sure to stand out
Opening Rear Access Door – Check on your feathery tenants with the installed door.

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Feel a part of the wilderness and the great outdoors with this whimsical bird retreat birdhouse. Built like a cabin in the woods, all birds are welcome in this cute woodsy outdoor decoration and home. Keep for outdoor birdly fun or as a home accent indoors at the Wilderness Lodge.
Wilderness Lodge Style Birdhouse BIRDHOUSES bird feeder cabin 8

Cozy and Quirky Styling

With a style that resembles a classis wilderness cabin, this fancy birdhouse is sure to bring a taste of the great wilds to any garden or room.

Wilderness Lodge Style Birdhouse BIRDHOUSES bird feeder cabin 9

Vivid Colors and Details

The Vivid colors and fancy little details on the birdhouse is sure to help this bird house stand out from all the other typical birdhouse design.

Wilderness Lodge Style Birdhouse BIRDHOUSES bird feeder cabin 10

Accessible Interior

Easily access the interior of the birdhouse with the attached sliding rear door. Use the Rear door to quickly clean out the birdhouse interior or to check on the current occupants.

Wilderness Lodge Style Birdhouse BIRDHOUSES bird feeder cabin 11
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Additional information

Weight26 oz
Dimensions8 × 10 × 9 in

10 reviews for Wilderness Lodge Style Birdhouse

  1. Mike Bird

    I love it!

  2. John Naybor

    I love it. It is exactly like the picture and is awesome. Came fast.

  3. Brittany Keough

    Perfect size!

  4. Sheldon Madison

    Amazing detail at an amazing price I sprayed it with matte clear spray to provide some weather protection.

  5. David King

    Was very cute for the price you could not make it

  6. Patricia Durat

    Adorable, well constructed and a great piece for your yard!!

  7. Anna Marie

    Adorable. I love this series. Can’t wait to put them all up.

  8. Karen Walters

    I bought this for my aunt for Valentines Day and she loved it.

  9. Chloe Ellis

    Super cute and the birds and squirrels love it!

  10. Diana Rodriguez

    Love this bird house! Purchased for a garden club raffle event!

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