Furniture Silicone Protection Covers 12 Piece Set


Keep your floors looking great and prevent scratches with  a set of 12 Furniture Silicone Protection Covers. Easily snap on chairs, sofas, desks and other household items to prevent scratches and noise. A must-have set for homes with wood floors and great for renting to help keep your deposit! The simple installation and effectiveness of these covers will keep your home floors looking fantastic for years.

  • Perfect for chairs, sofas, desks, and other furniture
  • Prevents scratches and noise without leaving marks
  • For leg sizes 1.2″ – 1.57″ in diameter
  • Anti-Skid dots prevent noise and dragging
  • Easy installation, washable and reusable

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UPC 841437126471

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 1.4 × 6.1 in


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