Flameless LED Wax Candles


Bring brilliant light to your home with a 6 wax candle LED set from Fine Life Products. This set includes a remote, allowing to turn these candles off and on, while changing the size of the glow. Bundle these together to create a glowing area, or line them apart to create a candlelit walkway. You never have to worry about these candles burning out or catching fire, because the LED lights mimic the effect of a real wax candle.

  • Authentic Flicker and Glow
  • Remote Controlled Flameless Candles
  • 6 Candles with Remote Control

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Flameless LED Wax Candles LIGHTING brilliant wax candles 6

6 Flameless LED Wax Candles

These 6 candles are flame free, smoke free, and cool to the touch. The authentic candlelit light glows like any wax candle, but never worry again about blowing them out. 

Flameless LED Wax Candles LIGHTING brilliant wax candles 7

Full set includes remote control

6 candles two of each size. This allows you to arrange your home candle set however you’d like. The creativity is up to you. 

Flameless LED Wax Candles LIGHTING brilliant wax candles 8

Authentic Flicker & Glow

The warming glow of these candles allow for maximum brightness. Bring gentle ambiance to your home with a Flameless LED candle set. 

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions22 × 4.13 × 8.1 in


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