Black/ Gray Argyle Pattern Compression Socks


MAGNETIC FIBER – Being composed of mostly cotton and Magnetic Polyester, the targeted graduated compression helps relieve pain and discomfort. Great for Home, Office, or Travel. TRUE COMPRESSION – These are True Compression socks which tighten around the calves and legs to boost performance, increase circulation, and provide comfort. Compression also increases active recovery after working out. STYLISH DESIGN – The distinctive modern stripe pattern is a sure stand out than the typical plain compression designs. UNISEX SIZE – The size of these compression socks fits most adults in the unisex style. ZIPPER ADJUSTMENT – You can put these compression socks on easily by sliding your feet into the sleeve area, or you can open them with the zipper. Maximize comfort and performance by adjusting the zipper to suit your exact comfort.


Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions12 × 9 × 3 in



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